Other Services.

Specialist Removals and Clearances
Specialist Removals and Clearances
Buildings that have been left empty for long periods of time can become infested with birds or rodents and may be used by squatters and drug users. These buildings are an extreme health hazard and can lead to further pest problems and unpleasant odours which can affect neighbouring buildings.

Our specialist removal service removes and safely disposes of all contaminated furniture and other waste from the building. We then disinfect and deodorise the building as neccessary, leaving the building safe for reoccupation.

We are registered waste carriers and brokers and all waste is disposed of in the appropriate manner.
BMS offers a sharps removal service
Sharps Removal
The removal of contaminated sharps (discarded syringes, glass and blades) is a potentially dangerous undertaking and should not be attempted by the general public. Our operatives are fully equipped for the removal and safe disposal of contaminted sharps.
Gutter Clearance
Gutter Clearance / Maintenance
Often associated with birds nests and fouling, blocked gutters and downpipes can lead to serious structural damage caused by flooding and can also lead to insect infestations such as mites and flies.

Deep Cleaning
The key to successful pest prevention is good hygiene. In food premises, periodic 'deep cleaning' is needed to remove the build up of grease and grime that occurs in areas not usually covered by general day-to-day cleaning.

High Pressure Washing
High pressure washing of areas that are unsanitary or contaminated with bird or rodent fouling. The areas can also be disinfected or deodourised.