Frequently Asked Questions.

Are your treatments guaranteed?
Yes, though some pests may require more than one treatment to achieve control. You will be advised by our technicians if additional treatments are recommended.
Additional treatments are usually charged at half the price of the initial treatment.

Are the poisons you use safe and clean?
All the chemicals we use are the safest and cleanest currently available. Insecticides are non-staining and the majority are odour free. They are completely safe once the treated surfaces are dry. Rodenticides are placed in lockable, tamper-proof boxes where children or animals are present.

After carrying out a rodent treatment, is there likely to be a bad smell?
After carrying out a treatment, we will conduct a thorough search of the premises to remove any deceased rodents. In the unfortunate event that a rodent has died in an inaccessible area, we will apply a ‘rodent deodorant’ to mask any unpleasant smells. If you get an unpleasant smell up to a week after treatment has been completed, simply calls us and we will return to apply the deodorant. There is no charge for this service.

Can you stop the pests from coming back?
In the case of rodents (rats, mice and squirrels) and birds we may be able to offer you a quotation to carry out proofing works to prevent pests from returning. It is not usually practical to proof against insects, though it is sometimes possible to proof against cluster flies.

Do I need to do anything before you carry out a treatment?
Prior to a flea treatment we recommend that any pets have been treated by a vet, all carpets and soft furnishings have been thoroughly vacuumed and that excess clutter has been removed from the floors. For bedbugs we ask that all bed linen is removed and washed on a high temperature. If there are drawers under the bed, we ask that all items are removed from them, this also applies to bedside cabinets and other items of furniture near the bed.

Do we have to leave the house while you are treating for fleas?
Yes, you must leave the premises while we are carrying out a treatment and only return when treated surfaces are dry. This is usually 2-3 hours, depending on the materials treated.

Do you treat beds, linen or clothes?
Bed frames and mattresses can be treated but bed linen and clothing cannot. We recommend washing them on as high a temperature as possible.