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Get Rid of Ants

Generally considered a nuisance pest rather than a serious health risk. Ants nests are usually located in the garden although they can also build them in foundations and sometimes within buildings. Ants seen within buildings are usually workers and are foraging for food (they are attracted to sweet substances). During the mating season (late summer) large swarms of 'flying ants' will leave the nest.

Ants on a skirting board

Ant Treatments - What We Do


We will carry out a thorough initial inspection to determine the extent of the problem and identify areas where the ants could be getting in before determining the best course of action.

It is critical that we correctly identify the species of ant as this will determine what kind of treatment we carry out.


For Black Ants we will apply a residual insecticide in either liquid or powder form (sometimes both). The insecticide is applied directly to the ants nests and runs and also to entry points into houses such as window/door frames and under kitchen units etc. Conservatory and patio areas are also common locations that require treating.

Pharaohs or tropical ants will be treated with an insecticidal bait. This will take longer than a residual insecticide but its use is critical in eliminating infestations of this kind of ant.

Ants in Your Home or Business? 

About Ants

Black Ant (lasius niger)

  • Size: workers 3.4-5mm Long, queens 15mm Long
    Colour: workers dark brown/black, queens mid-brown
    Appearance: single segment waist

  • Habitat
  • Indoors: under floors and in walls, often emerging around skirting boards, door frames and windows or under kitchen units.

    Outdoors: Under patios, block paving, walls and in the garden.

    Tropical Ants


    Smaller and lighter in colour than black ants, tropical ants (Pharaohs Ants, Ghost Ants & Argentine Ants) are generally only found indoors and in warm, humid conditions. They have very large colonies and are much more difficult to control than black ants, requiring the use of special insecticidal baits.

Closeup of a black ant

Do I Have An Ants Nest?

What to look for
  • Large numbers of live ants

  • Small piles of earth/sand where they have excavated

Where to look
  • Around window and door frames

  • Skirting boards and under kitchen/bathroom units

  • Around the perimeter of buildings, under patios, block paving and in walls

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ants

The ants commonly seen in and around buildings and gardens are worker ants. These sterile females are foraging for food to take back to the nest. They are most commonly attracted to sweet, sugary substances but can also be attracted towards other protein rich foods, such as meat.

Only seen at the height of summer, swarms of large flying queen ants emerge from their nests to mate in the air with the smaller flying males. The flying males will then die and the fertilised queen’s wings will fall off, causing them to fall to the ground, where they will then burrow underground and hibernate for the winter, ready to build a new nest the following year.

Black ants do not bite or sting but some of the species or tropical ant, such as the Pharaohs Ants, can sting.

While they can theoretically carry bacteria as they crawl across surfaces, they are generally considered more of a nuisance pest and can be quite alarming when they emerge in large numbers. They can be more problematic if found on a food preparation premises as they can cause damage to food and cause contamination.

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