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The Need to Control Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are one of the most common textile pests in UK homes. While the adult beetle doesn’t cause any damage, the larvae they produce (commonly referred to as ‘woolly bears’) can be very destructive, consuming any animal based materials such as wool, silk, hair, leather, fur and feathers.

They are known to infest carpets, clothing, upholstered furniture, feather pillows and any other materials of animal origin.

A Varied carpet beetle

Carpet Beetle Control - What We Do


A thorough survey will first be required to determine the extent of the problem as a carpet beetle infestation can spread rapidly. We will check all the areas where the larvae are known to thrive - the edges of carpets, cupboards and clothing drawers. We may also check in the loft as infestations can sometimes be traced back to birds nests or old woollen pipe lagging.

As the larvae will also feed on dust and other debris, a thorough vacuum of the property will be required before starting treatment - paying particular attention to the dark, dusty areas they like to inhabit such as the edges of carpets, the back of cupboards and under heavy furniture like bookcases and beds.

Clothing and bedding can be washed at 60 degrees to kill off any larvae but some heavily infested items may need to be disposed of.


Treatment will consist of the application of a residual insecticide spray to all affected areas. The treatment is odourless but the customer will be required to leave the property while the treatment is being carried out but can return as soon as the treated surfaces are dry.

The treatment will kill any adult beetles and larvae and leaves behind a residue that will remain active for some time after treatment. As the larvae hatch from their eggs, they will come into contact with this residue and die shortly afterwards.

Due to this residual effect, we ask that customers do not vacuum the property for 2 weeks after the treatment. 

Follow Ups & Advice

In the case of heavy infestations, we may recommend a follow up treatment a couple of weeks later.

While it is not possible to proof against carpet beetles, we may be able to offer hygiene and housekeeping advice that lessens the chances of them returning in the future. We can also place monitoring traps that can give advance warnings of any future infestations.

Carpet Beetles in Your Home or Business? 

About Carpet Beetles

Varied Carpet Beetle (anthrenus verbasci)

  • Adult Beetles
    1.5-4mm Long.
    Varied brown and black with mottled grey, white, yellow markings.
    Similar in shape as a ladybird, though smaller.

    Larvae (‘woolly bears’)
    4-5mm Long.
    Brown/cream striped, hairy bodies with 3 larger tufts of hair on either side of the tail end.

  • Life Cycle & Habitat
  • Adult carpet beetles primarily live outdoors, entering homes during the summer to lay their eggs amongst a food source for their larvae.

    Once hatched the larvae feed continuously for around 60 days before pupating and then emerging as an adult. The length of time spent in the larval stage can vary depending on temperature.

A carpet beetle larvae, also known as a woolly bear

Identifying a Carpet Beetle Infestation

What to look for
  • Damaged Carpets, clothes or other fabrics.

  • Live or dead adult beetles and larvae.

  • Cast skins and faeces (about the size of a grain of salt).

Where to look
  • Edges of carpets.

  • Under heavy furniture and beds.

  • Inside wardrobes, airing cupboards and drawers containing clothes.

  • Examine any items that may have parts that are of animal origin - feather pillows, natural bristle brushes, musical instruments containing horsehair or natural felt - especially any items that are left undisturbed for long periods of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Beetles

The adult beetles can fly and usually enter through an open window or door but can sometimes be brought in from outside on cut flowers. It’s also possible to introduce them directly on items already infested by the larvae.

These might not actually be dead larvae. As they grow in size, the larvae molt and shed their skins. It might be the skins you are finding - this can often give the impression that an infestation is larger than it actually is.

The larvae will also eat the molted skins of other insects. For example it’s not uncommon to find carpet beetle larvae living amongst a heavy bedbug or cockroach infestation.

Adult carpet beetles usually live outdoors and feed on pollen and nectar.

No, though they may damage synthetic fabrics that have been soiled with animal derived fluids - clothes containing human sweat, for example.

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